Friday, May 29, 2009

My Weekend

My work week is FINALLY over. THANK GOD. I have been doing the mail since last Friday and while I love to be outside I can't stand the heat OR the mini van. Facility guys here that I'm friends with laugh every time they see me in said mini van saying all I'm missing is the Car seat! Oh Gosh! I'm 22 so I told them to HUSH its not funny. Im ready to get back to MY job in the library. Claudia has my desk full of stuff to do. oh goodness

Anyways I'm really excited for this weekend my friend Angel JUST had her baby Joshua this past week he was 5 weeks early but healthy and happy. Her baby shower is on Saturday, never thought the BABY would be there but I'm excited to meet the little guy. I promise to have a picture or two from the shower. I am SO excited to see all my Keno girls LOVE THEM its been TOO long. Hopefully the rest of the weekend will have something to do with the water I'm DYING to go swimming hopefully at the beach.

So I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!!!!!

<3 Sara

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