Sunday, May 3, 2009

Birthday Parties

Seth and I had ANOTHER very busy but fun weekend. Friday my mom and I did the Krav Maga self defense class. It was AWESOME! It was very empowering and a GREAT workout. I honestly didnt think it would be THAT hands on since it was a FREE class. Mr. Jeff and the girls did a great job instructing us and I think im going to take their 6 week class. It's only $85 6 wednesdays for an hour to learn how to protect yourself. Couldn't be any better if I do say so myself.

Saturday I woke up REALLY early for garage sales, found a couple of things for my apt. Then I made some brownies, got ready and went to get Ms. Lola. I took her to my friends, wyatt and pams, daughters birthday party. She is actually turning 3 on May 5th but they celebrated on Saturday. It was really small but the kids and adults had a good time! It was a nice day to be outside! Then we left there after all the birthday festivities and headed to the Gills. We had a GREAT time at their house. Lola played with Ainsley and Little Andy while the adults got to spend some time together. The kids played really good considering they had never met eachother before that night. We had some chicken Andy cooked on the grill which was great and we had potatoes Miranda made. OMG those potatoes were SO delicious! I need to get the "recipe" for those things she said they were easy to make!! Later after dinner AND dessert we played scattegories! Now I played this the wrong way when I was younger lol and didnt remember it anyways. SO they re-instructed the rules to me and we ended up really having alot of fun with it. I REALLY want to go out and buy that game now. Its very challenging, I have found lately that games are REALLY fun!! I used to HATE board games or any games for that matter up until January. Now I enjoy them a lot!!!

Anyways Sunday (today) we had church which was a REALLY awesome message. I think it was one A LOT of women and men needed to hear. I learned alot but I have been learning through this whole series! PROPS TO PASTOR CHRIS! After church we had Shannon and my grammies birthday party! TONS of yummy food and just good quality time spent with my family. Seth went fishing so he didnt get to enjoy that time but thats ok maybe next year. I know he had a great time fishing with Wyatt and Pams dad. And boy did he get BURNT! haha FARMERS TAN!! :)

After all the birthday festivities my Aunt Susan and I headed out to some stores. First stop BEST BUY, I needed an external hard drive. I had to get one to store all my pictures on. I am not losing more pictures because of a stupid computer dying. Lets just say I do not have the best of luck with computers. Then we headed to JCPENNY where I got 3 CUTE shirts and a really pretty necklace!! I had a great time with my aunt. We always have a great time when we hang out. We HOPE to spend more time at the beach this summer. We always start out with a plan to go more and then we hardly go at all. Hopefully this year will be different.

Anyways that was my weekend in a nutshell, a big nutshell! haha time for bed work in the AM. :(

Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend!!!

<3 Sara

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