Friday, May 1, 2009

Self Defense

Check out the link above!! So tonight my church (Coastal Community Church) is offering a FREE self defense class at 6:30. My mom and I are taking it together, Im actually kind of nervous about it. I've never taken a class like this and honestly im not sure what to expect!!! I just pray I learn something and HOPEFULLY never have to use it! But im excited to do something with my mom just her and I.

Lately Ive been doing more stuff with my family and its more QUALITY time which is awesome! I personally feel like we have grown so much closer in the last 2-4 months. Never ever take your family for granted you never know what tomorrow holds. Make sure they know how important they are to you. And ALWAYS make time for your family. They are the ones in the end that will be there no matter what happens. Never forget that!!

Ill be sure to update Sunday or Monday with this weekends festivities! We have a SUPER busy weekend!! Tonight is my class. Saturday garages sales, Ashley Connors 3rd bday party which im taking lola to AND a cookout at the Gills!! Im excited to see them! Sunday church for another awesome message im sure and then Shannon and Grammys bday party!! Possibly our financial peace class if they are having it. I feel like we havent gone in FOREVER!

Anyways I hope everyone has an AWESOME Friday and a GREAT weekend!! Hopefully the weather channel was wrong it called for rain. But enjoy your weekend!!!

<3 Sara

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