Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

SO Memorial Weekend has come and gone, and what a weekend it was. Friday didn't do too much helped Seth move more stuff to his moms. He is officially moved out. THANK GOD! Saturday I did some chores went some places with mom and then had my Aunt Christines Bday Party!! It was nice to spend some time with my family that I dont see much. I love my Aunt Christine so it was nice for her to be in town from DC. Sunday it was off to Myrtle Beach with Seth, Heather, and Jason. We had a GREAT time. We ran into a LOT of rain on the way up there so I was worried that would ruin our vaca but MB was WONDERFUL. We went shopping, then off to the aquarium, played around Broadway at the beach then headed to the hotel. We used to get our hotel and it was pretty nice. Right on the beach for 59 a night. NOT BAD esp for Memorial day weekend. That night we went to Dicks last resort for dinner now THAt was an experience. They give you hats *pics below* It was fun to read everyones hats around us, they throw a TON of straws at you and just are very short but its funny. We didnt eat there because they took FOREVER so we got FREE appetizers and a round of beer. Then it was off to Margaritaville for a little bit and to play around Broadway for a bit more. We were there for I think another 2 hours! We got back to the hotel and took a walk on the beach SO NICE. I love to walk around the beach late at night its just so peaceful. This morning we woke up had breakfast and went to Ripleys believe it or not, VERY interesting place. We saw all kinds of weird stuff. Then we played mini golf *not my fave because it was hot*. We went shopping then headed back to Charleston. We stopped at Sams Corner to eat a world famous hot dog. It was good but I wouldnt say WORLD FAMOUS! But whatev! It was a nice mini vacation and it was SO nice to spend time together and with our Great friends Heather and Jason. I wish we lived closer to them and got to see them more. We all get along so great which is really nice. I love having great friends that I can count on. So there is my weekend in a nutshell. I posted some pics I need to learn how to do a collage so its not a TON of pics!! Hope everyone had a safe and fun Memorial Weekend.

***Forgot to put in there that Heather got her nose pierced***

<3 Sara

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