Monday, June 1, 2009

Very fun weekend

Well this past weekend was a GREAT weekend!!! Thats why im posting it on a Monday when I normally post on Sunday evenings. Saturday was a chill morning then I had my friend Angel's baby shower. She actually already had Mr. Joshua James Pack 5 weeks early and he is a healthy ADORABLE baby boy!! After the shower I got a pedicure which was AMAZING. Probably the best pedicure I have ever had hands down! After that I went to Pam and Wyatts for game night! we played Trivial Pursuit pop culter it was actually REALLY hard. Considering I wasnt born in the 60's it was difficult. I got SOme of the answers right! It was fun just hanging out with friends and doing something that doesn't require extra money!

Sunday I woke up and got ready for a BOAT DAY!! It was our first trip out for the summer and we all had a blast. It was mom, dad, shannon, lola, johnna, bob, seth and myself, talk about a crew. And the Deckers were with us just on their boat. The water was a little chilly but once you got your whole body in it felt AMAZING! Lola had a GREAT time swimming with Seth. The water was so calm and it was pretty shallow it was much needed relaxation time. After about 4 hours in the boat/Morris Island, Seth and I headed to Angela and Stephens house for a BBQ. I VERY much enjoyed going over there. The guys played Bochi ball (sp?) and Angela and I chatted and cooked on the grill. It was nice to spend time with them we are all always so busy its nice to stop and just have a nice evening. I got home kinda late last night that is why I didnt post this then.

Its almost time for bed so im going to wrap it up. Hope you all have a great week!

Angel opening some of her gifts!

Angel and I

Morris Island Lighthouse! Love it!

Lola burrying Sef

Sef burrying Lola

Me and Lola in the boat

Seth and lola swimming in the ocean

Me and Seth taking a break from all that swimming with Lola

Angela and I at her BBQ. I was a bit red from the boat!

Now this is a GORGEOUS picture I took this morning of the sun rising over the city. BEAUTIFUL!!!

<3 Sara

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