Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day


So this weekend honestly wasn't too eventful. Friday after work I went to Mirandas house to pick up my MANGO candles. OMG they smell freaking AMAZING!!! I ended up having dinner with them, Miranda is such a good cook. We had apple chicken on the grill YUMMY!!! Then I went home and watched Twilight!

Saturday I woke up early and met up with my co-worker shawn and her kids to go to the beach. We got out there at like 10am and stayed until 12:30. I had a really good time and got some sun thank God! I need some sun! Then I went to my Aunts to eat fried shrimp, then mom and I went to Costco to shop. We picked up pictures that I got developed in JANUARY! haha it was RIDICULOUS! I felt like an idot but we BOTH forgot! They actually called me the other day. Anyways, saturday night I went to Outback with Heather, Jason, Kainen and Seth. It wasn't the greatest night of my life but I enjoyed my time with my friends. <3 them!

Today I went to Seacoast James Island AGAIN! I really like that church it starts at 10 which I love and its less than 5 mins from my house. Um how much better could it get?? EXACTLY! After church I went to get some stuff at the grocery store then spent alot of the afternoon in the kitchen with my Mom. I had a great time with her. I made a dessert called Sticky Road Chocolate bars (pic below) they were a LITTLE dry but I thought they still tasted great. I think next time Ill add one more bar of chocolate to the bottom of it so it will be more moist. I also watched the man on the moon with Reese Witherspoon in it. Its old like when she was a kid but its SUCH a great movie. I seriously cried for 30 mins it was ridiculous but it is SO good. Tonight we had our sunday night dinner/fathers day dinner! It was really yummy. I love this time with my family!!! Anyways Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

<3 Sara

Lola being "sassy"

Sticy Road Chocolate Bars from Food Network

me and Lo being silly

My backyard I love it

Me and my daddy!! Happy Fathers Day!!

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