Saturday, June 13, 2009

Miley Cyrus

So at 10am this morning I was online buying tickets for MILEY CYRUS. I saw that she was coming to Columbia, Sc in Nov. Nov 28th to be exact and thank GOD its a Saturday. So on Nov. 28 Lola, Heather, Olivia and myself will be sitting in AWESOME seats watching Metro Station and Miley Cyrus. I am really excited because the MAIN reason I am doing this for Lola is because she will be a BRAND NEW big sister. Her baby brother/sister is due Nov. 11th. So I thought this would be a great special thing JUST for Lola. I am not sure if she will be jealous of the baby but I know it will be good for her. It will be fun and most likely we will be staying at Heathers house. BTW pray for me ill have Lola and Olivia most likely on the drive up to Columbia. haha they aren't bad I just am not used to KIDS!!! Im just glad I can do this with her. And yes her mommy is JEALOUS!! hehe But she will probably be exhausted having a NEW baby so she can't go!! Anyways I hope everyone is having a GRAET saturday. I have a wedding to go to later so I will be getting ready soon. I got some spanx im REALLY hoping they are comfortable and suck in my fat. GROSS I KNOW! haha but hey im not the first person to ever wear them!! :)

<3 Sara

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