Saturday, June 27, 2009

Birthdays Galore

Well im not in the mood to type ALOT, but it has been a whirl wind weekend!! Lots of birthdays!

Thursday my friend Wyatt turned 30. We all went out to Miyabis and it was YUMMY! It was my first time eating there and I loved it. I think its now my favorite Japanese resteraunt!!! Anyways thursday before the dinner I took off a half day from work to go out to the beach with Shannon and Lola. We had a BLAST!! I LOVE the beach, I wish I made more time for it! Friday was good went to dinner with mom and dad which was really nice.

Today *saturday* I took Lola with me to Little Andys birthday party and Miciahs adoption party at Wannamaker County Park. It was a good time and not TOO hot outside. The water was SO nice though so it helped!! Then we came back to my house and chilled out for a couple of hours. Then it was off to Lolas birthday party at 4!! We had a GREAT time she got a TON of stuff. I was shocked at how much she got!! Anyways im off to watch a movie!! Enjoy the pictures from the birthdays!!!

<3 Sara

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Amber said...

Cute pictures! That little niece of yours is precious! I wish I had a little niece, and a beach! lol Looks like you had a great weekend!