Sunday, June 14, 2009

A weekend of fun

Well its Sunday YET AGAIN!! I had another busy weekend. Friday I went over to Mirandas house. I was supposed to babysit her kids while she went to do a party lite Party BUT it cancelled. SO we went to Chik-fil-a with the kids and then spent the rest of the night talking. I was probably there for 6 hours. WOW I JUST realized it was THAT long. We had a great time though talking and watching the CRAZY lightning that was going on.

Saturday I didnt do much during the day but at 4 I went to a wedding with Seth. His cousin Denise got married, she was a BEAUTIFUL bride. Too bad I didnt get any pics of the actual wedding or even the after party. We had a good time, had a sit down dinner with LOTS of wine and then SOMEHOW his sister and sister-in-law got me on the dance floor. I NEVER dance but it was SO much fun. His family is alot of fun!!!!

Sunday I went to Seacoast JI for the first time and I really liked it alot. It was nice to have some friends MY age there. So I MAY be attending that church more often now. I need to find MY church soon. After church Kelly and I went to Walmart and then kicken Chicken YUMMY!!! The whole afternoon I spent in the kitchen with my mom. Yesterday was her birthday so we celebrated today. We had a bunch of family over!!! It was a good time. Now its ALMOST time for bed I hope everyone had a great weekend!!

<3 Sara

the Tutu I bought Lola for her bday! cant wait to give it to her. Got it off Etsy.

Me before the reception!

Flowers Seth got my mom for her bday!

My mom and the birthday cake we spent all afternoon on! it was decent!

Random ME! :)

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