Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So my middle sister Krystal went to Las Vegas. She planned to stay at Caesars Palace and have a great time. WELL when she checked in she got UPGRADDED to the PENTHOUSE SUITE! um WHAT?? I have to admit I was wishing at that point that I had gone with her. But I currently dont have THAT much money or time off from work. Otherwise Vegas would have been in my future.

And can I just say that I make the BEST brownies ever! haha Seriously! I went to my grandmothers house after work and made brownies for desert they made sloppy joes! YUMMY! And I have to say they were AMAZING!!! :) toot toot yeah me tooting my own horn!

Oh one more thing, Has anyone watched Im a Celebrity get me out of here?? All I have to say is this show is a JOKE. Heidi and Spenser are ANNOYING and ridiculous. He just had Alec Baldwin BAPTISE him in a river. um WHAT?? Im all about baptism but Alec Baldwin performing it?? Um no! Whats your take??? IF you have even seen it yet.

<3 Sara

This pic is my best friend Angela and I in Oct 07! Just wanted to post a cute random pic!

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