Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Family Boat Day

This weekend is going to be broken up by each day because we had so much fun all three days and I took a lot of pictures!
First up, our Saturday boat day with the family! It was such a beautiful day we couldn't have asked for better weather. Boat, Sun, Family, Food, almost 3 mile walk looking for shells and hanging out what could be better?

 I have never seen a crab with a tail that looked like a lobster! So weird!
 We found a wrecked boat, surprised they let it sit there for this long!

 We walked 2.6 miles looking for shells. When we got to the point where we turned around to walk back we realized there was nobody even remotely close to us and it was so peaceful. We saw lots of crabs, tons of shells, had lots of laughs and a few fun pictures!


 Bathroom selfie waiting on the tide to come up enough to get the boat out!
 We were out from 11-545, so it was ALL day, I love every second of it!
 We had dinner with mom and dad then headed home to shower and pass out.
We both were sunburned but Dave was by far the worst. His feet have been the worst, they even had a purple look with blisters. Note to self never forget to put sunscreen on your husbands feet! Luckily he said this morning they are doing better because I was worried it would still be bad by the time we get to Myrtle Beach this week!

2 more posts about this weekend coming up :)


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