Monday, May 1, 2017

Last Day of Vaca

Thursday was our last day of our vaca before we headed home on Friday. We started it out in the ER, super fun right? The spider bite was looking pretty gnarly so I wanted to be sure I took care of it especially since we were set to leave Friday. I got some meds and we went about our day. Luckily we went early enough so it only prevented us from getting to workout and nothing really important that day.
On our way back to the base I took this picture of a farm we had passed daily. I loved all the farms in NJ, there may not be a ton to do around where he grew up but it sure is beautiful if you enjoy country views.  
 We got ready and headed to Trenton to pick up his dad (real dad) then headed into Philly.
This picture above is a bridge that says Trenton Makes the World Takes. His dad said it is because Trenton either is or used to be a huge industrial city that produced many items that were shipped all over the world.  

 We went to explore the Eastern State Penitentiary which I have seen a few times on travel blogs, trip advisor and on tv. It was such an interesting place and the vibe there was indescribable.
And seriously can we talk about the weather? Our entire trip besides our last hour in AC was beautiful!  

 Death Row
The top picture is obviously the outside and the picture below is inside of death row.
 This is also the only spot anything "happened" to us from a spiritual perspective. Dave and I were standing right next to each other and he said he was all of a sudden freezing. First off if you know my husband he is hardly EVER cold and I was wearing short sleeves and felt NOTHING. So he started to snap some pictures and in one of his pictures he got what looked like an orb. I tried to debunk the orb as a reflection from the window but when I took a picture of the exact same spot standing exactly where Dave was I didn't have it in my picture.
 I guess we will never know for sure but it was interesting to say the least.

 Guarding my tower haha

This is the punishment area which was basically a basement. Tiny rooms, zero windows and insanely creepy.
 David and David ;)
 This dog was actually an inmate, he was put in jail for killing a cat.
 Al Capones cell, this was very interesting, they had music playing.

They were setting up for the NFL draft near the Rocky Statue I believe it was an art museum where they held it. Obviously the building is famous thanks the stairs in the Rocky movie.
 We were not quite ready to leave Philly when we got done exploring the penitentiary so we decided to take his dad to Pat's king of steaks since he asked someone about it. I guess he went there years ago and he got really excited when he was talking about it. It was a pretty good cheesesteak but by this time I was all done with cheesesteaks. He enjoyed his though so we were happy.  


 Eagles stadium, I have actually been trying to convince Dave we need to come back and see a game in the Eagle stadium. His brother mentioned us coming up and going with him so we shall see. I think that would be quite an experience.
 Gorgeous trees EVERYWHERE!
We dropped his dad back off, went to CVS for my medicine then headed to his brothers. We got there a little early so Jess and I took an almost 2 mile walk. Then the rest of the fam got there with the pizza, the BEST pizza.

 We had a really great last night with the family, lots of laughs and enjoying each others company.

 I really got to know his family more this trip and I can't wait to see how the relationships mature. I told Dave once that it made me sad to have family that I may never really develop real deep relationships with because of distance but I have a feeling I may be wrong with that assumption. It may take longer to have those deep relationships but I think they will eventually develop. We talked about going back up again before the end of the year and we even talked about his brother and sis in law coming to Charleston to visit.
Friday we drove home and it was such a long drive. The only downfall to that trip is the almost 12 hours in the car.
We miss everyone but Charleston is home, always and forever.

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