Monday, May 22, 2017

You guys, I am EXHAUSTED! This weekend was so busy but a really great weekend at the same time!
Friday when I got off work I went to Babies R Us for a baby shower gift then headed to get the kids. We originally were going to go with Dave to pick up my dads truck but he ended up going by himself. I went ahead and picked up them up early regardless since I had nothing else planned.
 On our way home my sister called and asked if we wanted to come to the pool, YUP! We headed home, got dressed, grabbed our pool stuff and headed to her apt. We enjoyed hanging out with them for a little bit. We ordered pizza before we left then headed home and played in the yard all night. Well Dave cut grass so he probably didn't really "play" haha
 Saturday morning I woke up at 6.... my body apparently hated me because I also had a hard time falling asleep the night before. So I ended up working out, got everyone breakfast, got us all dressed then me and the kids headed out. I dropped them off with my Aunt and Uncle while I went to a baby shower. Dave stayed home to clean!
  How cute were the decorations and the cake! I left early but I am sure that cake was as delicious as it was cute! I can't wait to meet little Miss Annie, Lauren was gifted so many great gifts and I was happy to get to celebrate with her.

 Alayna and Logan went to the Coast Guard Base open house and had lots of fun besides Alayna wiping out playing basketball. She thought it was so cool though that she got all bandaged up in an ambulance. I will say though later she probably wasn't loving how great of a job they did with her bandages. We had lots of tears at bath time while trying to take them off.
I am so thankful the kids get to have fun experiences with my family.

On my way home I met up with Dave to buy our new dining room table, I am in LOVE with it! I think it fits our d├ęcor perfectly and having a bigger table will be so nice when we have people over.
 We had a few friends come over including my aunt and uncle and spent the rest of the day putting together the gazebo. The instruction book said it would take 90 minutes to put this together.... yeah it was more like 4 1/2... we are extremely grateful for the help and we felt kinda bad at the same time because we had NO idea it was going to be such a big project.
Sunday we all slept in a little bit and skipped church (yes we are bad). I walked on the treadmill for 50 minutes then we went grocery shopping. We cleaned a bit while the kids played and then headed to my parents house for a yummy dinner and hanging out.
Next weekend is a 3 day weekend and we celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary. We don't have any set plans yet but I know we will at least go out to dinner to celebrate. We thought about doing gifts but I just don't think it's necessary. We shall see what the weekend holds!
Happy Monday friends!!

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