Thursday, May 4, 2017

Our Saturday

I was about to make this a weekend post but realized I only took pictures on Saturday! So this post is all about our Saturday!
Logan had an Autism appointment pretty much all morning so Alayna and I were on our own. We went to the gym then headed to the AFB park for her to play since there were no kids in the gym kids area. At the park they had a yard sale which also happened to have a LulaRoe consultant. I didn't need to spend the money but I was so excited to finally get to try stuff on before shopping. I absolutely love the Carly dress and had ordered myself a small as a birthday present back in December. Well when it arrived it was huge but I can still pull it off if I put it in the dryer. Well the one I bought this past weekend along with the shirt I got was a extra extra small. Clearly their sizing charts are off because according to the chart I am a small, WRONG. So basically I was thrilled and spent too much money on 2 items of clothing but I had a hard week so I treated myself.
 When the boys got home we had some lunch then headed to drop off Teddy to get groomed and go to Target for Pokémon cards. Logan has been doing better and did good at his appointment so that was his reward. The boys literally played the Pokémon game for at least 2 hours before Dave had to go get Teddy.
 We headed to JI because my dad was cooking BBQ for a competition. I have no idea how they even placed because I literally was looking for sharks teeth on the beach with a bunch of kids for almost 2 hours. I am not even kidding, who am I? I found a TON of them though and yes I shared them with the kids but I really didn't want to haha
 I love this kid and he probably thinks I am crazy for picking up a dead crab. It was interesting though to see it up close it clearly had not been dead for too long.
The girls!

 I went for a walk down the dock and as I was headed back Logan came running up because he wanted to go down the dock so I turned around and down we went. It was such a nice evening, the weather was truly perfect.
 While we were on the dock Logan spotted a decent sized boat that had three engines. He was obsessed the moment he laid eyes on it and kept talking about how it had three motors and it must be super fast. As we walked back down the dock he asked if we could go down to the floating dock. I knew right then he just wanted to get closer to the big boat so I said yes.
 We got down there and as he is admiring the boat the captain walked up and asked if we wanted to go for a ride. I looked at Logan and we both said YES! Looking back maybe I shouldn't have since he is a child and didn't have on a life jacket BUT it was insanely fun and the shortest boat ride ever. It was also a REALLY fast boat and we both had a lot of fun regardless of the amount of time.
He pulled the boat up onto the trailer and pulled it up out the water. So this is where I start thinking how the heck am I supposed to get off this thing, it was big. I am used to my daddys boat where I can climb off of it even if it is on the trailer but this was not going to be as easy. They told us to come climb down the ladder and I knew this was going to be fun and I was not wrong. Of course they helped the child out of the boat with no problem but I didn't fare the same luck. Let's just say not knowing where to put your feet, a bigger boat than I am used to and a wet ladder just didn't mix and I slipped down a good foot or two.
The amount of bruises I received were worth it for the experience Logan had but man it hurt.
 As we were leaving we saw the boat again so I told Logan to get a picture with it. Then the Captain showed up so we got a picture with the both of them.
For me this really wasn't a HUGE deal since I have grown up riding in boats but for Logan this really was HUGE. He is obsessed with anything that has a motor so for him to have been able to get to do that especially unexpectedly he was thrilled.
The smile on his face was priceless.

This actually didn't get any worse but still ugly. Bruises on my other arm and leg appeared this week, I look like someone beat me up haha
 These were the sharks teeth I kept along with some other shells and "bones" we found.
We had such a good time, Dave and I both agreed Saturday night was the highlight of the weekend.
This weekend we don't have a lot planned except Saturday we are going Kayaking with my cousin for a few hours which Dave and I have been wanting to do. We figured best to do it soon before it gets so hot that we wouldn't enjoy it.

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