Tuesday, May 2, 2017


 The Friday we got back from Jersey my cousin Kimberly came over to spend the night so we could wake up and go to the SAPR 5k Color Run on base. Dave was volunteering by throwing paint all over people including us and we for the most part just walked the 5K.
 Dave is actually a SAPR Victim advocate, two weeks a year he has the phone and if anyone calls needing help he helps.
 Before when we were waiting around for the race to start.

 And a few afters :) we had fun besides being rather hot. But no worries there was a fire truck hosing everyone off at the end. I avoided this as to not be soaked getting in my husbands car. You are welcome husband.

We had a really fun time discovering that we were not built for running ;) Love spending time with my Kimmy Marie!

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