Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wedding Ideas

So as I was reading all the blogs I subscribe to this morning I read THIS one and I LOVED her recent blog post about a wedding idea.

I absolutely LOVE this cake and the navy blue bridesmaids dresses

Now I am definitely not engaged or anything like that but I still thought this was SO cool. I definitely think onces I AM planning a wedding this may be my color scheme. It's just different. Now if I don't go with these colors I will go with an orange! Like these:

I added this one just because I thought it was such a great picture.
(images found on google)

I personally LOVE those colors together and the guys wearing orange ties! Loves it!

Ok its time to get to work! haha not that theres anything going on but I need to at least not be blogging.

<3 Sara


Anonymous said...

You are going to make me wear orange? I will have to make sure I have a tan.


Sara Lynn said...

Well its either blue or orange! Hmm that was my high school colors INTERESTING! It just depends when I get married! But hey you made me wear LAVENDER UGH and I still love you! haha :)