Monday, May 17, 2010

Fun Weekend

This past weekend was definitely a fun one!

Friday night after work I went to babysit Joshiepoo while Angel and George got a much needed date. And they were out for a whole 5 hours! Not that I was counting or anything! haha I know they needed it so I didn't mind.

Saturday I went and got Lola with Kelly. We went to Sonic, Wal-mart then to my apartment. I'm not sure why but Lola LOVES my apartment. Anyways the 3 of us went swimming and had a great time. Minus the Riverdog baseball players at the pool thinking they were SO cool talking about their crap. I didn't appreciate what they were talking about in front of my 3 year old niece so we moved. Not that I even think she was paying them any attention. After the pool we went back to the apt and watched the Hannah Montana Movie which as always is a cute one and she got her chocolate milk so she was in heaven! We finally all got showered and headed to IOP to see my fireman but they were on a call looking for a missing person on the beach. So we drove around and looked at all the lavish houses well Kelly and I looked. At about 7:15 we headed to Blackbaud stadium to watch the Battery Soccer team play. We met up with my aunt and her boyfriend Mr. David. Kelly and I only stayed for the first half because it was chilly out there. Lola stayed with them since they were going to take her home. All in all a Great Saturday plus I got some sun even BETTER!

Sunday I woke up SUPER early for a Sunday and headed to the fire department to meet up with the boyfriend. We drove up to Alcolu, SC haha betcha don't know where that's at. :) We met up with some of his friends and rode 4 wheelers all day. I wish I had a heavy duty waterproof camera I could have taken with me. There were definitely some photo taking moments. For instance when all but ONE 4 wheeler was stuck in a mud hole. Yup one of those was the one I was riding on and the boyfriend proceeded to tell me to stand on a log while he got it unstuck..... yeah I wasn't so much a fan of that but I did it and then he really wasn't stuck. THAT was my initiation me standing on a log and him getting me FILTHY FREAKING DIRTY! I could have killed him but thanks to Rebbecca I got saved :) Then we watched the bf REALLY get stuck along with the rest of his buddies and we just sat there. :) THAT was funny! You know I really love living in Charleston but there is just something special about being in the country. It's just a completely different feeling and way of life. Seeing all the fields and not a bunch of shopping all the time. It sure was nice. He keeps telling me I should move up there but no thanks! haha I still LOVE my shopping and getting to wal-mart in 5 mins! So Ill be staying my butt in the city! After we hung out with all his friends we headed back to Charleston pretty late and I didn't get to go pick up my Kodeman from Nina and Papa's house! I miss that little guy even if he does pee on my floor haha. Ill be picking him up shortly after I get my new windshield. I have a 12in crack up the middle. yeah not fun!

Luckily I stayed home from work today (felt like absolute CRAP this morning) so I could go get it taken care of. I also made an appointment with a new doctor for next Monday. I need to know why I keep getting sick or feeling sick. Hopefully its nothing serious and I can just get some kind of meds or advice. I have no clue! But we shall see!

<3 Sara

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Anonymous said...

NO MOVING TO ALCOLU!!!!! I don't want to have this conversation with you ever again. You are staying in Charleston!!