Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cinco De Mayo

Well my Cinco De Mayo wasn't quite how I had planned for it to be. Granted its not a huge holiday so its not a huge deal. I had tried to get a group of girls to go out to a mexican place to have a margarita and just enjoy eachothers company. BUT it ended up being just Kelly and I. Sometimes it makes me not want to invite people out and try to get things going people ALWAYS cancel. Its just straight up annoying to be quite honest. Anywho Kelly and I still had a good time. We ended up going to O'Charleys because the place we wanted to go was just INSANE and it was only 6 which I kinda thought was still early. But O'Charleys had a really good margarita for $3.99 which wasn't bad for a regular place.

Kelly got some kind of mango pomegranate margarita and it tasted VERY good. She didn't eat because she is currently fasting so I got to enjoy a half off appetizer (score) chipotle bbq chicken tenders YUM YUM YUM! Oh My Gosh SOOOOO good!!!

After dinner, I dropped Kelly off back at the apt I got Kodie and headed to IOP. I love the views once you get on the bridge!

Especially at the TOP of the bridge. The cell phone picture does not do it justice but its gorgeous! You can see the ocean and the tops of all the buildings. Sometimes you can even see container ships out there. The other day I saw like 4 ships out there which fascinate me! For some reason ships and trains are SO interesting to me!

But the reason I was headed out there was to see this guy :)

He doesn't live in Charleston so it makes it hard to see him a lot. So I go visit him at the station a good bit to get my "fix" haha. Kodie always likes going out there too! Last night they got a call so I got to see them all jump in the trucks and head out with the lights and sirens on. I tell ya even if your just watching it is a bit of a rush. Or at least it was for me. One thing I thought was interesting is most of the calls they are back to the station in 30 mins or less. I for some reason always thought they would be gone for A LONG time. I guess it really just depends on the emergency. Either way its always kinda neat to just hang out there. You just never know whats going to happen. And it helps that my incredibly cute boyfriend is there and all the other firemen are very nice. So far anyways :)

Anyways, Happy Thursday its ALMOST Friday THANK GOD!

<3 Sara

BTW Pleae pray for my sister. She is going through some hard times right now and could really use the prayer. Thanks :)

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