Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Who doesn't love frosting?

 I haven't updated in awhile, not much has really been going on up until this weekend. We tend to do more when the kids are around.
Oh, I was sick with an upper respiratory infection for about 2 weeks and that was just a blast (NOT).

I have been doing better with eating since the holidays and have gotten rid of that nasty fluffy feeling I had the whole month. I didn't lose any weight but I haven't been eating a bunch of crap all the time so it helps!
 So last Wednesday I was supposed to get my hair done but side effects from my antibiotic kept me home so I made a cake for a co-worker! Lucky Alayna was around when it was time to put on the frosting so she got to eat some right out the container. That's what childhood is about right?

We ate dinner then did our new nightly ritual, reading our bible stories. A while back I had this idea that I should get one of the bible story books because the kids don't know these stories and I need a refresher on a good bit of the details on some of them. We have all LOVED reading them, we all sit down on the couch and spend about 5 minutes or more reading/discussing. My favorite part was when we read about creation and Logan said so God really does have magical powers! It was so cute!

Friday night we got the kids for the weekend and while Logan was in the bath down the hall he yells SARA!! don't forget about our bible stories!! So needless to say the kids like it which makes me happy!

 Saturday morning we did our usual gym and groceries, Alayna just wouldn't listen to stop running and she ended up falling. This kid is a clutz but apparently she gets it from her mom lol I have my moments luckily there isn't blood involved except the one time recently I slid across the sidewalk. Which by the way my hand is still not fully healed from that, it will probably scar.
 After lunch and unloading groceries we headed to my parents house to hang out. It was a really pretty day, so we enjoyed getting to spend some time with them and be outside at the same time.

 Watering my moms flowers!
 They wore themselves OUT and were sleeping in the car by the time we hit the interstate. Dave and I both didn't feel like cooking so we got Chik-Fil-A for dinner which is never a bad thing.
We got to see this gorgeous sunset while waiting on our food, you know this girl LOVES a good sunset!!

Dinner, baths, bible stories then bed because Sunday was going to be fun and unfortunately rainy!


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