Monday, January 4, 2016


I have some random pictures to post today before I post about my birthday!

 Sunday 12/27 we went and picked up Oliver to take to my parents house. He was being SO cute! He went on a long walk in the stroller to try and get him to sleep but he was not having it!
Just hanging with his papa!
Monday after work there was a huge box all the way from Jersey for the kids! Their grandma spoiled them! Clothes, games, toys, stuffed animals and some candy!
 Hungry Hungry Hippos was a hit!! They have been playing that and Uno for over a week! Dave was on facetime with his mom so she was able to see them and watch them enjoy the game.

 We took down all our decorations and now my apartment looks so sad! I know Dave is happy that it is gone because he likes things really clean! I just love the magic of Christmas and I am sad every year when it gets put away!

I worked mon, tues and some of Wednesday last week and then had a nice long weekend. I hate that it is over but I can say I am happy to be back to a routine! Now if only this cold or whatever would go away because I am so sick of blowing my nose! TMI haha sorry!

Happy Monday and Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2016 is good to all of us!!


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