Monday, January 4, 2016

So this is 29

 This past Thursday I turned 29.... yeah yeah I know this is not old I get it but seriously how are my 20's almost gone?? I really hope 29 is good to me!

So again with the picture placement on the blog... either I am special or they did something where the layout is just not as easy anymore BUT the pictures above I wanted to post because they are awesome! I got the Ugg boots from my parents for Christmas and the hoodie from Dave for my birthday! The uggs are just fabulous, I absolutely LOVE them!!

 We started the day out at the gym then we hung out around the house for awhile before it was time to go get my cookie cake and go to my parents house!
 Bathroom selfie because why not!
 Oh you know just the snake the neighbor walked out his backyard carrying, creepy!

 It was all family and my friends the Newmans!
There was touch football, cornhole, fireworks, lots of food and cookie cake! Oh and football on the TV, Go Tigers!!

 Bubs was mesmerized by the fireworks, I thought for sure he would have been scared!


I will just let the pictures speak for themselves but it was a really fun birthday! I can't believe my next birthday I will be 30 ay ay ay!!!!


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