Monday, January 25, 2016

Snow Flurries

Not a whole lot to report from this past weekend BUT we had snow flurries so I have to document it because I am a nerd. I can count on 2 hands how many times I have seen snow in my 29 years of life so it excites me. Dave on the other hand is from Jersey so seeing a snowflake isn't so exciting for him.
 I was sound asleep Saturday morning and he comes in all excited Sara it's snowing! Of course he wasn't excited but he knew I would be so he acted all excited for me. It was cute minus the fact that he scared me out of a deep sleep. But like he said if he didn't wake me up I would have been mad lol so I will just accept the whole scaring me out of a dead sleep thing.

 It actually was quite "snowy" but almost impossible to get a picture of it. You can see a few flurries in my hair and then all the white specks in the picture with Teddy.
 I spent a lot of the morning just laying in bed watching it snow out my window. It was really quiet and peaceful. Dave woke up early so he fell back asleep on the couch, we had no plans for a bit so why not be lazy!

We did our norm and when we came back I thought it just looked cool outside so in true Sara fashion I took a picture. haha
 This weekend was pretty lazy we did a lot of nothing, worked out, cooked dinner, watched a lot of tv and went to hang out with my parents for a little bit.

Oh and I am having car problems so my dad is trying to see if he can fix it instead of paying a car repair place to do it. It has shut off on me twice now and that makes me just a little too nervous to drive it until it's fixed. Luckily it has shut off on me in places that were not a big deal. One of them I was in the way of traffic but I was far enough to the side people could go around me. Not a fun time!! So Dave and I are using his car until I get mine back, perk of working together!

Kids next weekend and we have Olivers first birthday party!! I can't believe little man is almost 1!! This year has FLOWN by and I truly mean I feel like I blinked and the year is over.


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