Monday, June 3, 2013

From Sullivans to Folly

This past weekend was a ton of fun with lots of vitamin D. First off friday was great! Well minus having a staple go through my thumb at work! 

After work I skipped the gym and went out with Kelly. We went to one of our favorite places, Al Di La. It is northern Italian and absolutely amazing! I got some sangria for my beverage and polenta with eggplant for my dinner! Very tasty if I do say so myself. We finally got to sit on the patio because for once it wasn't hot or cold when we went. We don't go very often because it can be a tad bit pricy. After dinner we went over to VooDoo to get another drink just because it was too early to go home! She  is alcohol free until July so I wasn't going to drink more than 1 alone. That would just be lame. 

Isn't the patio area just perfect?!? Perfect place to people watch too! If I had the $$ I would so move to Avondale. Thats what the area is called and it is so cute! 

So saturday I hit the gym then Kelly and I headed out to the end of Sullivans Island. It was perfect weather and we enjoyed getting to see all the boats and even the shark the guy next to us caught. I should have taken a picture but I obviously didn't think about it. 
Dad I think we need this boat! :) 
The Coast Guard Helicopter! Not sure why but I always like seeing it! I see it a lot too! 
There were fiddler crabs everywhere! I was not a fan of the one that crawled over my foot when I moved my shoes. 

Saturday night I had dinner at my grandmothers house with my aunts. Then met up with my sister at Obrions for a drink. I only planned on one beer but it was ice cold and amazing. So I had to get 2! 

Sunday I hit the gym then my sis and I headed out to Folly Beach. We were there like 10 mins before it started raining. We waited for it to stop then went back out. It was probably 20 mins before it started again so we left! I don't mind getting rained on unless it's freezing cold rain. We did get a few cool pictures though! 

Dad made some steaks for dinner so I got him to throw the veggies on the grill. They were delicious! A little salt, butter and lemon pepper seasoning! 

I definitely had a great weekend! I am hoping next weekend I can go to the beach again but the weather forcast isn't looking so great yet! Darn summer storms! 

<3 Sara

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