Sunday, June 16, 2013

Edisto "weekend"

Last Monday after work I headed out to Edisto Beach to spend time with family. They live in Greenville so I hardly get to see them. We had a great time spent on the beach! Lots of walks, digging, kite flying and sun bathing! We even had a couple of good storms which were cool to see! 

This guys name was Eddy Stow! How funny is he! 

One of the storms rolling in on Monday night! This one was pretty scary when it got closer to us! 
Nothing like a cold beer on the beach 
Me with my cousin Alicia and her baby Vivian! 
Scott and I took a little adventure to Botany Bay but it was closed! What park closes on Tuesdays?!? So random to me! However we still enjoyed it because we drove down this gorgeous dirt road in the mean time! The trees were absolutely beautiful and it was so shady and comfy. 

Tuesday night we got to see the sunset and got to fly kites! 
Holy windblown hair!!

Scott and I, friends since we were babies! I love that my cousins are my friends too!

How gorgeous is this sunset? The pictures do not do it justice! 

So wednesday I stayed until 1 then headed home to do my laundry, workout and get ready for work the next day. Little did I know but I would be plagued with the worst virus I have ever had. I woke up at 1am and it was downhill from there! Mom ended up staying home with me all day which I am grateful for! I was so weak It hurt to move. She ended up taking me to Nasons medical center. where I got an IV for dehydration, pain meds, nausea meds, and x-rays! Luckily the combo made me feel better and I finally got to get some sleep later. 
I woke up friday got ready for work and still felt SO weak that I stayed home! Even today I am still not 100% but feeling a bit better for sure! This virus wiped out 7 people that I know of from the beach house! Insane right?!? 

Well I was still able to enjoy my weekend despite stomach pain! I'll post more of the weekend in another post!! 

<3 Sara

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