Monday, June 10, 2013

Never long enough

I swear the weekends are never long enough. Monday always comes bacn around too quickly. 

Friday after work I finally got some brand new tires!!! Never in my life did I think that would excite me! However when the roads are wet and your tires have no grip it can be scary! So thank you mom and dad for new tires! :) now I can drive safely! 

After that I went over to my friend Shannons for dinner, margaritas, and dying our hair. Over the last year she has done my hair color and even started trimming it for free! She missed her calling with hair trust me! Only bad part of the night was hurting my ankle again. I keep popping it but normally it doesn't swell. Well this time while chasing her little boy around the house it popped, got swollen and even hurt! She wrapped it for me with some frozen rice. Such a great friend :) 

Saturday morning we worked out then I headed out to shop with Kelly. I needed a bathing suit bottom and happened to pick up two awesome new sports bras for $8 a piece. Not too shabby since I will  wear them a TON! Remember I basically workout everyday. 
We had some more time to kill and went by shoe carnival. I fell in love with these shoes. I have needed shoes for a few months now but didn't want to spend the $$. Well I bit the bullet and bought them! They are beyond comfortable and such fun colors! I got to try them out yesterday so I know for sure now that they are awesome. Now I need some fun colored socks to wear with them! 
After the shoe purchase we headed downtown to a Food truck rodeo. It was a cool atmosphere but it was HOT out! It was fun to walk around and see all the trucks, listened to some music, checked out the people, and the tents that sold other items. I had only a beer because it was a bit expensive and I wasn't all that hungry. 

I thought the sign on this truck was awesome! Very original and southern to say the least! 

We headed home after saying hey to a few of her friends. I iced my ankle and we both freshened up to go out to dinner. We went down to Folly to window shop and have dinner at Ritas. I will say one thing people watching on Folly is awesome!!! You see a ton of different people, I loved it! 
The view from our seat was really nice! They had all the windows opened so we got to enjoy the ocean breeze while watching the sunset! 

Sunday I got somethings done like packing, baking protein "cookies", gym, grocery shopping and packing. 

After work today I am headed out to Edisto beach to stay and spend time with some out of town family. I am staying until Wednesday so it will be a nice mini vaca! I just hope the sun shows up and not the rain! :) 

<3 Sara

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