Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cookout with friends

So saturday I still didn't feel amazing but wanted to do something. My friend was having her house warming party/cookout and I knew I wanted to go regardless. She lives a few minutes from my house so I knew I could go home if need be. Lucky for me the fresh air or just pure luck I started feeling so much better. I even had a few beers and a cheeseburger. I won't lie I was scared to consume them but again I wasn't far from home. We had a great time with amazing people. Lots of food, drinks, laughs, kids playing in the pool/slipnslide, and great weather too! 
Billys beer pool creation! Hah it looks pretty good I won't lie and not all beer. 
My little Izzy doing the slip n slide! She looks like she is doing a plank in the picture. 
All the ladies! We had to get a group shot before people started to leave. They were such a fun group. 
Being silly and I tried to lighten up the picture. Fail. 
Me, Shannon and Dana attempting a good shot haha we took a ton
And why not have a "gangsta" pic?

So after the party we ended up going to a gay club, Pantheon. No offense to the gays but I have never felt so out of place in my entire life. That was just not for me BUT the drag show was definitely interesting to see. All in all a super fun night!! 

<3 Sara

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