Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day weekend 2013

Man I don't know about you guys but I had a great weekend! Started it off by leaving work early friday! That alone was a good thing! I hung out with my friend Shannon. We worked out then she made a very yummy chicken dinner with spaghetti squash and homemade margaritas!! Delicious!! 

Panko crusted chicken, spaghetti squash, capers, mushrooms and garlic! Yum!!!! 

Saturday was BUSY! Woke up and headed out to Folly for a little bit of sun. It was actually a little chilly so that part wasn't fun. It got warm right before we were leaving. 
My new coverup! I LOVE this thing! Cute and comfy! 

After the beach I headed up to the creek for Norrissias baby shower for the twins! It was really nice! Good food and great conversations! She got a bunch of really nice things for the girls too! 

They had fishies on the tables! A fun idea! 
Seriously she looks great for being 30 weeks with twins!! All belly which I know she is happy about! 

So later that evening I celebrated my friend Ashleys birthday! Her bday is sunday so she got the whole weekend :) 

We met up and went to Kicken Chicken downtown on King Street. We had a great group of ladies and it was nice to just sit back and relax with a coldish beer. We sat on the patio and it was perfect! 
After dinner we went to Theatra 99 on Meeting Street for a comedy show called TheHaveNots! This was my first comedy show ever and I thought it was pretty good. However, I did expect to laugh a little bit more. It takes a lot for me to think somethings funny though! 
We went to Yogurt Mountain after the show. It looked good but I saved myself the calories since I really didn't want any. 
Here are the ladies! The birthday girl is to the far left! 

Sunday was chill. Gym then hung with Kelly a little bit. I didn't feel great since the new medicine thats helped me is $78 and I couldn't refill it. Figures! 

Monday Shannon and I did a good workout then we headed to my old apartment to swim! My roomie met us there obviously and it was nice. A bit cold for my liking and too many kids but still fun. 

Later we did a bbq at her house which was delicious!! Since the weather was so great we ate outside! Her little boy decided he wanted to swim again! Twice in one day! 


This weekend really was a ton of fun!! Spent with great people and lots of yummy food!! Thank goodness there was no weight gainage! Haha 

And lets not forget the reason to celebrate! I am very thankful for those who have given their lives to protect ours!  You guys/gals rock!! 

<3 Sara

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