Monday, May 13, 2013

Mothers Day

I am a little late with this one since Mothers day was yesterday but hey im late with all my posts! I really want to be better about them just because it is technically my journal. Anyways. 

Saturday night we went out to Folly to the Sandbar for an early mothers day dinner. The food was really good and the place was really neat. They all got fried shrimp and I got shrimp and grits. Which will also be my lunch for today. 

Fun fact: my mom used to work there back in the day and apparently the place hasn't really changed much. The bathroom still had pink tile which you know is old school. I thought it was kinda cool though because it is so different from any place you can go now. 

It's rare for us to all go out but I always enjoy it. I love my family and I am so blessed to have them! 
Dad and Mom at dinner :)
Shannon, Lola and Isabelle! It took a few tries to get both of the girls looking at me with a smile. 
Shannon and I, wish it turned out a little clearer. 
Mommy and Izzy! Such a cute picture! 
Mmmmmmm my shrimp and grits!! Delicious!!

Mommy and me! Anyone notice all the stripes yet? Haha and no it was not on purose. 

So sunday my dad cooked 2 boston butts for dinner and mom made the sides. They were awesome!! I LOVE bbq so this meal definitely made me happy!! I just realized I had 2 yummy dinners in a row! Lucky me! The fat girl inside was happy haha 
My aunt and her fiance made the cake above. They are practicing for making their wedding cake. Lets just say they are going to keep practicing! It wasn't bad in my opinion but it def wasn't amazing! However, it was really pretty they did a good job on that part. 

I hope you all had a great mothers day and weekend!! 

Mommy I love you very much and am so thankful for all you are!! You are a great role model and I will always look up to you!!! 

<3 Sara

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