Monday, May 13, 2013

Baseball season

Friday night Kelly and I decided we would hang out. We are the worst at deciding what we are going to do! She had the idea to head to a Riverdogs game and it was a great idea. Normally i'm not that into the game but for whatever reason this game really kept my attention. We won 8 to 1 and they played really well. It probably helped that the other teams pitcher kinda sucked. Although according to the old man in front of us he was great! Eh im not going to argue with him! I know what I saw haha 

We ended up sitting in between two groups of people. The ones to our left were super nice and into small talk. The people to our right were drunk! Haha they were entertaining and I ended up with a free beer so I won't complain. 
I love watching the color guard. MERICA! Haha 
It was such a great night for baseball. The weather was absolutely perfect!! 

Charlie the Riverdog
Me and my free beer!! Blue moon :) yumm!!
And of course some silly pictures of us! 

Look im a baseball player!!

Every friday they do fireworks after the game. It's always a really pretty show. This one actually caught one of their signs on fire! We were surprised at first we thought our eyes were messing with us!

What stinks though is I prob won't go again for awhile because soon Charleston will be HOT!! But we shall see! 

<3 Sara

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