Thursday, March 4, 2010


I just wanted to share with you some information for some cute Etsy items I bought. I got them HERE!

The ID reel I LOVE! I have to wear a badge at work everyday. So instead of the UGLY badge reel I was given. I now have this super cute monogrammed one. I got this exact one except with an S of course.

I got the green magnets for my board. They are really cute and have little swirls on the inside.

Now this is my absolute FAVORITE. I thought it would be bigger so I intially was going to put it in my bedroom BUT since it was a little smaller I decided to use it in my office. I got it with a green ribbon which I like more than the pink.

In case you didn't notice my favorite pattern lately is the black and white damask. I just think its so pretty and classy. I think its quite the trend lately because I see it everywhere. I have to stop myself from buying stuff because im scared my bedroom will look like damask threw up all over it. haha

Anyways I just wanted to share this etsy shop with you guys. The lady was really nice and easy to work with.

Have a GREAT Thursday!!!!

<3 Sara

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