Sunday, March 7, 2010

Beach Day

Friday afternoon was absolutely a gorgeous day in Charleston. While at work I decided I could not just go to the gym/Angels/My Apartment, I HAD to be outside. So I called my Aunt Susan to see if she wanted to take the dogs out to the beach. My cousin ended up calling me so she came with us and brought her dog too. May I repeat that it was GORGEOUS out there! It's finally feeling like Spring is coming although this morning it was rather cold outside. I took some pictures but I never think my pictures do it justice. The dogs had a BLAST! Kodie had the greatest time mainly because of the 2 other dogs though. He loves to play in fact he played with my Aunts boyfriends new puppy yesterday. Finally a dog his size that was willing to play with him. They will defintely have to play again sometime soon. I added some pictures below! I love the Kodie pic thats just because he's my little man.

<3 Sara

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Missing Gabe said...

Your dog is the cutest little animal ever! He has so much personality! Love him to pieces!