Sunday, March 14, 2010

Drayton Hall

Yesterday my Aunt and I took our dogs out to Drayton Hall. The weather started out really nice BUT then it turned dark/cloudy... THEN windy... then the cold rain started. It was rather depressing to be honest. The dogs had a great time as did we. Here are some pics!

Last night I had the bright idea to let Lola sleep over. Well we did have a great time minus the whole sleep deal. She is a wiggle worm!! And I am very particular when it comes to how things are when I sleep. Needless to say Aunt Sara is VERY tired right now. lol but all in all still fun.

Since I had Lola I decided to go to her church this morning since my parents weren't going to ours. I am not a fan of sitting alone. It was really good a bunch of people stood up and shared their stories. This one little girl had the entire church in tears just because she was like 5 and so sweet. Hopefully the rest of the day is fun!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

<3 Sara

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