Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sunshine is my favorite

I really enjoyed last weekend so much. It was one of those weekends that didn't fly by and I just felt content the entire time. I spent a lot of time outside which is probably why I enjoyed it so much. The weather lately has been SO nice besides the random cold snap we had for like 24 hours Friday.
 Chillen in the backyard with this crazy dog. He looks for any bit of shade he can lay in.
Friday night Dave and I went to the mall and did a little shopping which we probably shouldn't have done. We had fun though so ya know it happens and it is what it is.
Saturday morning we woke up and headed to Columbia with my parents and sister to the flower festival.
 Why is this picture so small??? I saw this hand chair so of course I made Dave take my picture in it.

 Dave got this rock for our garden and I really love it.
We also got some neat art from a local which I loved. I see stuff like this at Hobby Lobby and Kirklands all the time but this is unique in the fact that I met the lady who painted it and supported someone "local". She told us she literally painted the big tree the night before which was neat.

 When we got back we headed to the gym after some lunch. It was nice to go that late in the day because there were not many people there at all.
 Sunday after church and Costco we just hung out around the house working on some projects. Dave got our new art hung up and I love it. The cotton balls in the mason jar are hanging in our dining room which was Daves idea and I actually really liked it.
 I then played outside all afternoon. Watering the grass, getting some sun, playing with flowers and my friend Melinda stopped by with her niece for a little bit.
  This is the butterfly tree I got in Cola at the Flower Festival. I wish I had bought another one because I seriously am in love with this tree. Right now it is in a pot because when we get home from Jersey we are going to build a flower bed in the back and that's where this will go. It will be near my kitchen window so once it gets a little bigger I will be able to look out the window and see it. Mom told me to put it somewhere I will be able to see it often
When Dave and I were sitting out back chatting he saw the butterfly on the butterfly tree. The amount of excitement I had was probably a little overkill but I thought it was the coolest thing. It was one of the prettiest butterflies I have seen in a long time. My aunt said the bees love this tree too which makes me happy because everyone lately is concerned with the bees.
We finished the weekend off with dinner and a movie at home.
 Next weekend will be super busy but I am excited because it will all be a lot of fun with the kids. Dave also will be turning the dirty thirty on Easter Sunday which I know he is excited for. He requested a doughnut breakfast which I will happily make happen even though my waistline may not agree.
Have a great week and a Happy Easter!!

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