Thursday, April 13, 2017

1st Pool Trip

Yesterday we had our first unplanned trip to the pool.
Dave needed to iron one of his uniforms last minute and my sister just happened to have an iron. Since we were headed over there and the pool was now open we let the kids go swim for a little bit. I put my feet in and that water was WAY too cold for me but I do not do cold water at all.


 Bubs swam earlier in the day so he didn't get to go in this time but hopefully next time we will have a more planned visit and we can all swim together. We will definitely miss having a pool in our backyard this summer but we have lots of friends/family with pools and there is always the beach and the sprinkler!
 The kids had a blast swimming but as the sun was going behind the building they got a bit colder and the pool time was over.  
 They had lots of fun playing with Oliver and his toys!
It was a fun last minute trip to hang with my sis and the bubs!

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