Thursday, April 6, 2017

Outside Fun

We had lots of fun outside last weekend with the kids. Friday night they had a game of laser x before showers and bed.

Everyone clean about to go to sleep
 Saturday was absolutely beautiful outside so we spent most of the morning outside playing in the yard and Dave washed the cars.
 Sprinkler fun, the kids loved it even though the water was a little chilly.

After they ran around it was time for lunch and they wanted to have a picnic outside. The only downside was Logan took too long to eat his jello and it melted.
Dave and I also realized we absolutely NEED an umbrella or something for that patio area because we were melting for the hour we were back there.

 We all got dressed and headed over to the Newmans for dinner and fun! It was a great time!

 This picture is small but I had to include it. Alayna insisted on Saturday night that she wanted us to be twins for church on Sunday. It was a little chilly outside but I obliged and she loved it.

Izzy and me playing outside at mom and dads. They had a yummy dinner on Sunday evening for everyone!
A great weekend.
The work week is almost over and it's been a pretty decent week. We have had storms now 2 nights and last night was definitely intense. Never scary just a bit much at time especially 2am and 4am when I was woken up by loud thunder.
I won't complain too much because my yard/flowers/trees needed the rain especially our palm tree so I am thankful.
Enjoy the rest of your week!

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