Thursday, April 27, 2017

New Jersey Day 1-2

We are back from Jersey as of last Friday night and finally I have found a little time to start blogging our trip. This week has been CRAZYYYYY, work was behind by a week and I have been on medicine for a spider bite that has made me not myself at all. So here is Day 1 and Day 2.
 We left Charleston at 3:45AM, I slept maybe an hour in the car which surprises me because I am not one to fall asleep in a car.
 The drive is pretty boring but we did get to see some cool things in DC and there were a few tunnels which are cool yet terrifying to me at the same time.

 We made it to Jersey around 2:30 and then another 45-1hour to get to his parents house to see everyone. We did stop for some food since we had been in the car the entire day and had only stopped for breakfast and gas/potty.

 I won't even lie we were probably most excited to see our new niece Harper who had been born just a few days earlier. She was so cute! 
 After some family time we headed to the hotel to unpack and we were definitely happier this visit with our room compared to the last time. This was MUCH nicer and the AC worked. He ended up heading to his brothers for a few hours and I showered/watched tv then passed out at like 8:45.

 Tuesday we worked out early that morning with his nephew then we got ready and headed out to Cape May.

 (no clue why some pictures are TINY)

 We explored, ate lunch, shopped a little then headed down the street a few miles to see a sunken vessel.  

  I really enjoyed this little spot, I even found a SC rock and some sea glass. The beach was sand and smooth rocks which was so different.

 This is a WWII lookout tower which we missed the tour by 15 minutes, we were super bummed but we still enjoyed getting to see it up close and personal.

 Next we went over to the Cape May lighthouse which was being painted, FAIL, another thing we wanted to do but we couldn't. My advice, do not go to these beach towns in the off season unless you just want to shop and look around.
  There was a really cool bunker out on the beach but I didn't feel up to trekking through the thick sand so I saw it from the distance. You probably couldn't go inside anyway so no big loss.

 We really did have a great time but there were things we wanted to do that we didn't get to do. I definitely would love to come back and visit in the summer time or a weekend in the spring when they have more open.

After we left Cape May we headed over to his brothers for a delicious family dinner. We spent a lot of time with his brother and sister in law this trip and I really enjoyed getting to know them better.

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