Saturday, April 15, 2017

Easter Fun

We are only half way through Easter weekend and we have already had SO much fun. 
Friday evening we went over to my parents house to have dinner and dye Easter eggs. 

 We used shaving cream and food coloring so it was a little messy. I still have food coloring on my fingers and I think I only did 1 egg. 

 It was a fun time had with the fam. 

 This morning (saturday) we woke up early and headed to the AFB. The boys needed hair cuts before we headed to the Easter egg hunt the base was hosting. Alayna and I went and played in the exchange.  
 We went over to the egg hunt after and it was a fun time but I definitely would be ok if this was a one time thing. It was free and divided up by age so that was a definite plus. 


 We went over to my sisters pool this afternoon for a little bit to play and hang out with them. 

Tomorrow is Easter sunday and Daves 30th Birthday! We have a lot planned including packing for our trip which we were supposed to do today but I am just not feeling it. Today has been a lot of fun and packing doesn't sound like the best way to end the day. right? haha I will get it done tomorrow evening! 

Enjoy your Easter!


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