Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cola day with my bestie

Last saturday was such an awesome day that went by too quickly. I drove up to Columbia to meet my best friend and her son. We went to the childrens museum and had a blast! That's where all of the pics were taken. Even me being 25 had fun there which is saying alot. :) after the museum we had lunch at Moes. I LOVE moes so that was a hit! Then we drove around Columbia looking for stuff to do. We ended up at the mall. Got sick on the carousel (spelt that wrong) then did some shopping. Oh and ate some ice cream! I hated to say goodbye but I am glad to have had that one day with them. Josh was so cute all day telling me he loved me so many times! Melts my heart to hear that especially since I only see him every 6 months or so now. But he did almost see me everyday the first 2 years of his life!

Oh and new hair color :) it's cut too but haven't taken a pic yet!

<3 Sara

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