Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Breaking Dawn Pt. 2

Finally got to see Breaking Dawn part 2. Only had to wait an entire year you know its no biggie. My sis and I went saturday night together and loved it. I thought for sure the theater would be packed but it wasn't even close to packed. I think we both were on the edge of our seats for a few parts. This one hands down was the best one. You can bet I will be buying it once it comes out. The rest of my weekend was super chill. I went to church, had lunch with Kelly then went to the gym with Shannon. So I would say it was a great chill weekend!

My new sweater!!! LOVE!!

Us before the movie!! Excited!!!

Me and my little guy

How cute is my grammy??? Toooo cute!!

Sooo I am thinking of doing this to my hair soon :) thinking it is time to chop off some hair!!

-<3 Sara

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Jo said...

Ooh I like that haircut! Do it! :)