Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Weekend in pictures

Well this a little late since it's wednesday and all. This past weekend was most certainly a good one. Friday night I went out with the roomie and some friends to a bar. I learned how to play pool and had a beer in the process. I was the DD (designated driver) for the evening so drinking was not really happening! We did go play beer pong with his bro in law before going home. Yes I played but I maybe drank 3 of the cups so no worries :)

The puppies were squirrel hunting before we left friday! They are too funny!

I am basically the same height as a pool stick. Sad!

Taking shots

No words for this one haha silly boy!

Me at 3 something in the morning

Saturday I was supposed to go to the fair but the traffic was horrible so I didn't. However, the roomie and I went to chilis YUMMM then walmart! Later we had one of his friends come over for beer pong! So my saturday turned out to still be a great time despite not going to the fair.

Sunday I went shopping at forever 21 then went to my old gym for body pump! I miss that gym its kinda ridiculous how much I miss it! I also made picture frames with Shannon! So much fun and cheap! I should have taken a picture! I will later :)

This weekend im going to North Carolina with the roomie to see his parents. Hopefully I don't freeze to death so I can share about it later :)

<3 Sara

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Holly said...

Hehe I love the photo of the dogs watching for squirrels!