Tuesday, November 13, 2012

4 day weekend

How can a 4 day weekend end so quickly? I feel like it was just Thursday! I guess when they are really good they go faster! The roomie and I went to Fayetteville this past weekend to see his parents! The weather turned out to be great which I wasn't expecting. Thank goodness on that one. We had lots of fun going to museums, grilling out, shopping, going on the 4-wheeler, chatting and playing a lil beer pong! Kodie and Skylar had a great time playing with the other 2 dogs and running around the yard all weekend! Those puppies sure can be funny when they get together! Skylar especially, she went nuts over a bird feeder. We are still unsure what that was all about! Sunday we got back and just chilled which was nice. After such a busy weekend of fun we needed it!

And yesterday I did something I have never done. I worked out twice in one day. Did a normal workout in the AM then joined my friend Shannon for spin last night. This girl is goin to bed early tonight thats for sure! I probably shouldn't have stayed up last night watching tv :) woops!

This is how the puppies had to sleep on the way to NC. Comfy?

Iron Mike out in front of one of the museums

Oh hey me!

All dog tags, very neat.

Kodie in his new hoodie :)

Beer pong time! Pretty sure I didn't win much haha

Me and roomieface

With his mommy! We were the beer pong crew!

4-wheeling in the woods! It was such a pretty day I loved it!

Seriously could the leaves be any prettier?

We bought these stars about a month ago and while we were up there this weekend he got to finally paint them! They are awesome!! Originally they were going to be red and black but decided red and brown were actually good together!

<3 Sara

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