Thursday, December 6, 2012

Music and coffee

Last night I went out with my friend Kelly to a coffee/wine bar ( how art thou) to listen to some music. The two guys singing, Matt and Toby, used to be in the band Emery. They are currently doing what they call a living room tour which sometimes is literally in peoples living rooms. I had honestly never heard any of the music before last night. I must say they were absolutely wonderful! I loved how they had such deep emotional songs that really got to ya (in a good way). I plan to buy the cd soon although I should have last night. Google them you won't be sorry!!

This was in the bar for only $1,200 ;) it was made from the driftwood of a palmetto tree! So neat but it had to stay there for obvious reasons!

Here are the guys singing! Nothing better than live music!

-<3 Sara

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