Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend recap

Well there's not a lot to really update about this past weekend. It was really chill and I loved that. Friday I went and got my bridesmaids dress for my friend Amanda's wedding then went to dinner with Laura. We were both tired so we went home! Pretty sure I watched tv all night.

Got drenched delivering mail at work Friday! That sucked! One of the security guards offered me his jacket to dry my hair.

Saturday I worked out then had lunch and went shopping with Kelly. Finally bought a curling iron thank God! Oh and I bought awesome blue opi nai polish which is now my favorite! I ended up chilled with Laura that evening. We went and hung out with her bro and sis in law. They are so sweet so it was nice! I always enjoy finding people you can sit around the living room with talking for hours. It's rare!

Sunday I worked out with Shannon and she showed me a ton of new things to do. Let's just say squats yesterday equal pain today haha it hurt to walk which doesn't work delivering mail all day. We had lunch then I went grocery shopping and to see papa with mom and dad. And Another chill evening. I had a great weekend! Def ready for next weekend. Mainly to sleep in Aaaaannnnddd my baby girl nevaeh is having her first birthday party!! :)

Hope you had a great Monday!!!


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Holly said...

Oooh, I really like the blue nailpolish! I don't think I own enough nailpolish. What's the name of that colour? :)