Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My weekend

I am so excited to be using my new blog app! This is super easy to use with my IPad! I had seen a couple of people use it so I figured it was good!!

Anywho, this past weekend was pretty fun! Friday night just hit the gym and chilled at home! Saturday Laura and I went for a bike ride at the county park then had some lunch. I hit the gym later since no day is complete without it! Later that night we went out for a few drinks and dancing which was fun!

I took these two pics randomly last week and wanted to share them.

Sunday I slept in and hit the gym! Then headed to my aunts house to watch the Super Bowl. It was a nice chill evening. Pizza, beer, cupcakes and time with family. Perfect end to the weekend!

My uncle with their dogs. They seriously wanted those treats.

Kimberly and me!! Love her! Some of my best childhood memories include this lovely lady!

Cupcake!!!!!! Yay!!!!!

Random me

Mmmm ice cream!!!

This week so far has been good. I have been delivering mail for a few days since a co-worker is out sick. It might be a few more weeks! But just enjoying some downtime :)

Hope you all are having a good week!!


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Holly said...

I love the first two photos of the sky. :) I always try and take pictures like that, but they never seem to turn out as well as I hope they will. :S