Sunday, February 26, 2012

Last Thursday

I almost forgot to post these! So Thursday's are starting to be mine and Laura's night out! Haha the Thursday before last we went to happy hour then Kaminsys and this Thursday we went to blu on Folly Beach for a drink. We wanted to walk the beach but it was insanely windy. We still enjoyed the view from the deck of the Tides Hotel. Then we met up with some of her friends at Mello Mushroom which was delicious! I had been there before but never eaten the pizza. Oh my it was delicious! We shared spinach dip a salad and pizza and it was only $11. Not bad I say!
After that we went to party city to check out stuff for some showers. We are both in her sisters wedding and I am helping her with a shower so we went for ideas. And we were looking at baby shower stuff because her sis in law is having a baby in June. We got side tracked with all the fun stuff and took a few pics :) all in all a fun night!

Friday we went out for mexican at seƱor tequila then ended up dancing downtown :) we had a blast dancing at NV. The guy in the pic is someone Laura knew who ended up giving us free drinks. He tried to get us to go party in their limo but that was not happening. Ever just have a bad feeling about something? Lol yeah so that didn't happen! We ended up chilling at Molly Darcy's and the night ended at huddle house with monzarella sticks. I won't lie they were tasty! Oh and I met a guy from work that night. So random but he was pretty chill.

Saturday I hit the gym after waking up at 1! I never sleep that late but since I went out Friday night I was almost awake 24 hours by the time I went to bed. So after the gym Laura and I went to eat dinner then to a movie. We saw This Means War with Reese Witherspoon. It was a great movie I definitely want to see it again!

Today I already went to the gym and had a pretty good workout. Later we are going ice skating! Should be a fun time, it has been 2 years since the last time I went!

Have a happy Sunday everyone!!!!


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ktjane said...

When my friend, Tara, lived in Charleston, she took us to Folly Beach when we visited! Loved it so much!

Holly said...

Heheh I love the hats, very stylish, especially the purple fluffy one!