Thursday, June 2, 2011


Well I am back from vacation and officially back at work! boo! I hate it how you go on vacation for however many days and when you get back to work it feels like you JUST left. So depressing and I know I am not the only one like this.

I will have to do a post for everyday of our trip because we took SO many pictures. Well I think it was like 200 or so pictures but there are a lot of good ones I want to show you guys.

I had a good time on my trip but it was HOT and the tourists were EVERYWHERE it made some things we did not as enjoyable as they could have been. I did LOVE being able to see my Great Aunt Shirley, Great Uncle Ed and my second cousin Mark. I had not seen my Aunt Shirley since I was probably 5 so that was pretty much 20 years ago. And I know it made my grammy very happy to spend time with her sister. I could tell when we left her house on Monday that my grammy was sad.... I felt really bad for her. I guess when you start getting old you just never know when you will see them again or if that's the last time. Especially since they only see eachother every year or so.

Now I am back at work and I am dreading my e-mails... I only have 86 which I didn't think was TOO many... I honestly thought it would be more.

Oh and one more exciting thing I lost another lb and officially fit into American Eagle size 4 pants and pretty much wear nothing but Medium tops now. It's crazy to think less than a year ago I was in mostly L and XL shirts and a size 12 pants....

Ok enough rambling... back to work time to actually READ all those e-mails!!

Happy Thursday everyone!!


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Mizdragonfly said...

Welcome back! Can't wait to see the pics :)