Sunday, June 26, 2011


Is the weekend really over? :( sad times!

Our family ended the weekend with a Rockstar Birthday party. Lola turns 5 on Tuesday so we celebrated today! It was probably her best birthday yet. And that is mainly because it was INSIDE :D Air Conditioner makes for a very happy Aunt Sara haha

There was a jump castle inside which even I thought was cool. They had a DJ, snow cones and even a booth set up for fake tats! haha probably the closest I will ever get to a real one. I am just too scared of needles. I think there was over 50 people there so it was quite the crowd. When all is said and done it was a great party. I know my sister is glad it is over! Enjoy the pics! :)

Aunt Theresa, Mom and Me. Oh and Izzy asking Nina for grapes. haha she's a mess

Theresa and I with our tats. haha she has a TINY pink star on her wrist. I have 3 red and black one's on mine.


Xavier, Alicia, Shannon and Izzy.

Sissy and me Tony dancing with his girls. Loved it! So sweet!

Her cake was awesome! And extremely yummy!

The diva posing with her cake! haha I loved it!

Think she liked her cupcake? hahaha it was ALL over her! I doubt that blue icing will ever come out of that shirt! And it was all up on her neck! Bathtime is definitely happening for her tonight

This chick got way too many gifts. I was glad I made the decision to hold off on bringing the one from me today. I figure if I give it to her Tuesday she may appreciate it more. I would put what I bought her but Shannon might read this. And just to be mean I am keeping it a secret from her! HEHEHEHE sowwy sissy!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and hope you have a good week!


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AndreaLeigh said...

what a fun party! such a great thing to have a tattoo artist. I bet the kids loved that!