Saturday, June 4, 2011

Trip to DC

So it took me what almost 2 weeks to get this post! haha I had planned to do a post for each day of the trip but I am a slacker and this is what you get! haha

Day 1: we left out of Charleston and flew up to Charlotte where we connected then flew into Salisbury MD. I was surprised there were no cows there to meet us at the airport in MD. Seriously it was the smallest airport ever! We got the rental car then drove to Aunt Shirleys house dropped off my grammy then headed to Rehobeth Beach MD to do some shopping. This is where I got my favorite thing of the whole trip... my coach purse! YES! 80% off just made it even better! We went back and stayed in MD.

Day 2: We dropped off my grammy with her Sister for a couple of days. Then headed into DC. That day we went to the library of congress which was really pretty. Who would have thought a library would be so gorgeous. I know my library isn't pretty haha have I mentioned before I am a "librarian" haha yes I am! Anyways after we went there we saw the Capitol which was HUGE then headed to the botanical gardens. That was nice but we had 10 mins to see it. Sad times! Oh and did I mention it was BLAZING hot outside! We then went to the Indian Museum and it was BORING! haha I don't think any of us liked that one. Btw it was me, mom and my aunt susan that went into DC. We headed back on the metro and went shopping at the Pentagon City mall which was nice then headed back to the hotel. We stayed RIGHT next to the Pentagon which was cool to see.

Day 3: this is the day we did the most. This will be hard to remember for me since I took 2 weeks to write this up. BUT that day we went to the art musuem, space museum, "the castle", holocaust museum which SUCKED, we saw the WWII memorial, Korean War memorial, Lincoln Memorial which was HUGE, Washington Monument and I THINk that was it.. haha I may have forgotten something. maybe! That day our feet were HURTING so we headed back to the hotel had some dinner then went swimming which was NICE! The pool felt SO amazing. It was the only night we went swimming but enjoyed it thoroughly.

Day 4: Ok this was probably my favorite day of the entire trip! We started out the day by visiting Arlington Cememtery. This was actually awesome! We took a tour of the cememtery saw the place where the Kennedys were buried, The Robert E. Lee house then the best part the tomb of the unknown soilder. We saw the changing of the guards and that was almost emotional. I was told if I was a patriot I would cry but I didn't CRY but I was almost teary eyed. We left there then mom and I split up from Aunt Susan and went to the White House. I enjoyed seeing it but I was thinking it would have been SO much bigger. But it was just an average white house in my eyes. Then we walked to the American History museum which I LOVED. On the way there though we got to see the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle rally riding through the mall. They let us cross the street at one point so we got to the musuem. We hit up that museum then went to the natural history museum. That one SUCKED. I think if there weren't millions upon millions of people there I would have enjoyed it but by the time we were done there I was DONE! I wanted OUT of the city. haha SO we went back to the hotel and I hit the gym! Now that made me feel SOOOO much better. Mom and Sue were going to go to some concert while I worked out but they changed their mind. So after I left the gym we went up to the Roof top and enjoyed the breeze and I cooled off.

Day 5: We woke up early and headed up to Mt. Vernon where George Washington Lived. IT WAS HOTTER THAN HECK THERE!!! Sorry had to add that in lol I wasn't in the best mood this day. I was just sooooo hot and tired and ready for some good non hotel room sleep! But I did enjoy the house and seeing the grounds but it was HOT. The museum they had there was awesome though I actually really enjoyed it. We had some really good bbq then headed back to Delaware to pick up grammy and spend more time with Aunt Shirley and Uncle Ed. Dude Uncle Ed was HILARIOUS! He kept said GD this GD that haha He even said GD pastor at one point in a story haha I had to laugh later with mom on this one! It's not everyday you hear someone say GD pastor! We left there then went to the hotel.

Day 6: FLY HOME!!! I was happy to be home and first stop when I hit Charleston GYM!!!!!!! I felt huge from eating so much that trip but I guess we walked it off because I finally had hit my 30lb weight loss goal. Sweeeet!!! 25 more lbs and I will be happy :)

So that's our trip. The pictures are below! Sorry it's not a better post but this is a slacker post haha



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