Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Loving Life

It's ok to do a weekend recap on Tuesday right? Better late than never I say :)

This past weekend was definitely one to remember! I had the best times and realized a lot about myself. Go figure! haha

Friday night Laura and I had planned to go out and have some fun downtown. We had dinner with one of her friends at King Street Grille then headed to Market Street. We ended up spending most of our night where she works. I won't post that in case we have some stalkers reading this thing. You never know lol We ended up spending a ton of time on their front porch with one of her friends parents. It was really nice since the weather was getting cooler and they were great company. We ended up heading to a few other places on market street but they were just ridiculously crowded. Oh and I almost got in a fight with a guy who was at his bachelor party. I will tell you what happened in a nut shell. He was hitting on us, got rejected, told us he was at his bachelor party, he had a few choice words to say to Laura and I and I had a few to say back.... commence Sara about to kick his butt! Luckily for him his friends saw I was pissed and continued on with making him leave. Talk crap about me thats fine but do NOT talk crap about people I care about. Anywho the rest of the night we were at her job. After everything closed we ended up chillen out back with a ton of her co-workers. She learned how to skateboard and we met a group of guys and one of them apparently was too scared to talk to girls. So of course Laura decided to help! haha


Shy guy

Saturday I got in a great workout and got to see an awesome someone. I got ready and went to a jewelry party. My friend Ashley has just started to sell jewelry so I went to support her plus I got some awesome jewelry so it was a win win situation! :)

I left there and went to Suede to hang out with my girl Nor and her hubby Dom and a TON of their friends. I felt a bit awkward at first but things got a lot better as her friends started to get to know me and ended up liking me. I always get nervous meeting new people especially an entire group of people I don't know. Suede wasn't as great this time like it was at Nor's bday party but it was still an ok time! I got to spend some time talking to Nor so that part was what made it all worth the trip out there.

Love this girl!

On Sunday I woke up late-ish and decided the Blackberry was DONE. It was time to spend some money and get a decent phone. I was deciding between a droid or an Iphone. Well guys I got the Iphone 4 and I freaking love it. I am still figuring it out though seeing as it is WAY different than my blackberry. The touch screen is probably the hardest thing to get used to. I love this phone though and wish I had gotten it earlier.

My first picture with my Iphone. Haha don't judge me! It takes WAY better pictures than my stupid blackberry. Whenever I posted pics to my facebook one of my friends would always comment if you had a better phone that picture wouldn't suck (quality wise).

And the end of my Sunday just made it all that much better :D

Hope you all had a WONDERFUL weekend!!! Happy October and enjoy the rest of the week! :D


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