Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Recap

This weekend was seriously great! I definitely wouldn't mind reliving it again.

Friday I went to dinner then Boone Hall Fright nights with some friends and had so much fun. It wasn't SCARY but I did scream/jump when things jumped out in front of me. haha We went on a hayride with a bunch of girls who were acting like they lost their minds. Basically I ended up with lots of bruises from these crazy chicks and didn't get to see anything really from the hayride. Besides that though everything was really fun.

Saturday I slept for 12 hours because this past week I hardly slept at all so I needed to catch up. I did a TON of laundry and then went to the gym to tan and workout. GTL haha sorry for the Jersey Shore reference. That night I went to dinner with Kelly and Derik. Oh and I finished the night with the movie Bad Teacher. It was pretty funny I would definitely watch it again.

Sunday my new friend Jen and I took a little day trip up to Myrtle Beach to just get away from Charleston. Even if it was for one day we both agreed it just felt nice to leave Charleston for a little bit.
Our first stop was to the Alligator Adventure place at Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach. I had always wanted to go but of course nobody ever wanted to go with me. Jen was game though so we got to go. We got in for cheap with a military discount thank God. We enjoyed it but definitely not $18 per person enjoyment lol We both got in for the price of one so it was nice. We saw some crazy huge gators and lots of other random animals.

He was eating him some chicken. yum yum

There were tons of gators just chillen all over the place.

Mr. Albino Gator He was actually quite interesting to see.

This guys name was Bob and poor bob was born with no tail. I felt bad for the little dude. He was still 4ft long though.

After we left the gator place we went to The Bass Pro Shop. She had things to buy, me not so much. haha it was entertaining to look at all the stuff they had and they had a TON of stuff. I even got my picture with a Redneck Santa hat! Cute right?

At this point we decided it was time for lunch (2pm) and headed to Broadway at the Beach. We ate at Margaritaville and it was SO good. We both got some HUGE drinks and mine was strong. So by the time we ate and left I was feeling pretty relaxed. We ended up shopping and just looking around at all the tacky tourist treasures.

And we sexually harrassed a bear. woops our bad!


Rice Krispie Treat anyone? We got plenty!

(No we didn't buy it)

Such a great weekend and hopefully next weekend will be just as good. No clue whats going on but I am sure something fun will go down. I do have a family Halloween party which will hopefully be decent.

Happy Monday!


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Ashley Eliza said...

how fun!!! poor bob. lol. nothing better then a good weekend with friends. and i love going to touristy attractions. SO FUN